2018 Industry News

We are happy to report that 2017 saw an increase in construction activities and a record amount of bidding in our estimating department. We are hoping that 2018 will continue this upwards trend.

2017 was also another great year from all of our employees regarding safety. It is our number one priority and will be again in 2018. PLEASE WORK SAFE!

THOMAS will be focusing most of our energy to begin 2018 on the completion of the Suncor Fort Hills Secondary Extraction Project and the completion of the Blackgold Project for Harvest Energy. In addition, we will be performing a pipeline project in northern Saskatchewan for Husky Energy.

In the attempt to increase our workload, THOMAS will continue to search for electrical and fireproofing work wherever opportunities arise. The electrical division successfully performed a major project this past year which should give us a strong electrical base going forward. In addition, adding a Saskatchewan branch office is still high on our priority list.

The collapse of oil prices in 2015 & 2016 had a direct negative effect on construction activities throughout Western Canada, however with the current price at or near $60/barrel, we are seeing positive signs throughout the industry. We are awaiting news from Imperial Oil on their plans to go ahead with construction of their Aspen Project near Fort McMurray along with other numerous projects that oil companies may be starting up.

In addition to the work in the oil sector, Inter-pipeline is going ahead with a $4.0 billion dollar chemical facility near Redwater, Alberta. This project will take up to 3 years to complete and will have both modular and site components.

Thankfully 2018 looks like another year of positive rebound in the construction industry.

THOMAS would like to thank everyone for thier efforts, hard work and dedication. Due to their commitment, THOMAS continues to be a leader in the construction industry.

Please work safe and together we will make 2018 a success for everyone!

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